Ravensworth Church of England Primary School uniform consists of:


  • Light blue polo shirt,
  • Grey tailored trousers/skirt (girls)
  • Grey tailored trousers/grey tailored shorts (boys)
  • Maroon sweatshirt/ cardigan,
  • Blue and white gingham dress (summer).
  • Black or grey tights/plain white socks

Bags: School Book Bags are strongly recommended rather than rucksacks etc.

Sweatshirts/ cardigans, blue polo shirts, white PE t-shirts, fleeces, and waterproof coats, caps and hats bearing the school logo can be purchased from our on-line shop by clicking on the following link:


School uniform and PE kit is a required part of our school uniform policy. We appreciate that school uniform can be expensive therefore we are happy for pupils to wear generic cardigans or jumpers without the school logo if they wish.

It is essential that all items of clothing are clearly marked with your child’s name .  Pupils who have pierced ears may wear studs except during PE.  Children are not permitted to wear any jewellery during PE lessons.

It is our policy that all children should wear clothing that is in keeping with a purposeful learning ethos and promotes equality, positive behaviour, standards and safety.


Our policy is based on the belief that a school uniform:

  • promotes a sense of pride in the school
  • engenders a feeling of belonging
  • is practical and sensible
  • identifies the children within the school
  • is not distracting in the learning environment (as fashion clothing and accessories can be)
  • makes children feel equal to one another in terms of appearance
  • is regarded as suitable, and good value for money, by most parents


  • All black school shoes (no open toes)
  • All black training shoes
  • All black boots (no UGG style, suede or soft boots)
  • Wellingtons (in snow)

PE is a statutory element of learning in the National Curriculum and it is essential that pupils always have the appropriate clothing in school.

PE Kit:

The following kit is required and should come into school in the drawstring bag which can be purchased from our on-line uniform School Shop.

  • Black or dark blue shorts
  • Plain white polo shirt or T-shirt
  • Plain black or dark blue jogging trousers/sweatshirt (for outdoor use only)
  • Trainers (outdoors)
  • Plimsolls (indoors)
  • Appropriate equipment for specific elements of PE eg. shin pads and boots for football


  • Long, shoulder length hair must be tied back for hygiene and health and safety reasons (all pupils)
  • No braids or clip on extensions
  • Simple head bands, bobbles and hair ties only
  • Hair styles should be sensible and appropriate for school

Jewellery and make-up:

  • A watch can be worn
  • Small ear studs only
  • No other jewellery or accessories except for religious or medical reasons
  • Nail varnish or transfers must not be worn

All clothing and footwear MUST be clearly labelled with your child’s name. The school cannot accept responsibility for any lost items.

Role of the school staff:

  • School staff will speak to children who do not wear the correct uniform in the first instance.
  • If children continue to not adhere to the school’s policy, a policy reminder will be sent out to Parents with a request to ensure that the policy is subsequently followed.

Role of the Headteacher and Governors:

  • The Headteacher is to ensure that pupils comply with the uniform policy agreed by the Governing Body.
  • The Headteacher will make contact with the Parents of children who persistently fail to follow school uniform guidelines.

Role of the Parents/Guardians:

  • To ensure that their child/children adhere to the school’s uniform policy.
  • To ensure that their child/children come to school in uniform everyday unless there are special circumstances such as agreed non-uniform days.
  • To ensure that all uniform is labelled clearly.