Children are admitted to Ravensworth CE Primary School in the September following their fourth birthday. This does mean that some children are admitted just before they attain the age of five, whilst others will have only just turned four years of age. Despite this we admit all our new starters on a full-time basis. Experience shows that even the youngest four year olds adjust very quickly to the demands of a full day at school and we certainly see the benefits academically and socially for all children. We are prepared to discuss with any Parents who may have concerns about their child’s readiness for full-time education.

Parents who would like their children to attend our school are invited to add their child’s name to our admission list at least a year before they start to assist our planning procedures.  This can be done by contacting our school office.

Late in the Autumn Term in the year preceding admission Parents will receive admissions application information from North Yorkshire County Council which will enable them to express a preference for a place in the school of their choice online. Places will be offered to Parents towards the end of the following Spring Term. In the event of a Parent not being offered a place at the school of their choice, then the Local Authority will offer an appeal under the School Standards and Framework Act 1998.

Applying for a place

We are part of the Local Authority admissions process. This includes all admissions to our school, whether you wish your 4 year old to start school in September or whether you have moved into the area during the academic year.

We are always very happy to show round any Parent/Guardian who is interested in applying for a place for their child. Please contact our school office on 01325 718375 to make an appointment.

To apply for a place at Ravensworth Church of England Primary School, please complete the online form on North Yorkshire County Council’s own website by using the following link:

School Admissions page of the North Yorkshire County Council website.

Click the link and choose “School Admissions”.

If you would like a paper copy of the form, please contact North Yorkshire County Council School Admissions Team on 0845 0349494. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact our school office by either telephoning 01325 718375 or by e-mailing